How to bet on basketball?

Basketball is one of the most exciting and dynamic sports. The situation on the site is changing very quickly. In literally one minute or even a few seconds, the lagging team can level the score and come out ahead. Major NBA stars make tens of millions of dollars a year, outpacing most other sports, even popular ones like football or hockey. An ordinary fan will also make money on his favorite game by starting to gamble on sports on the Internet.

Many bettors consider basketball to be the most convenient sport for gambling. There are many explanations for this. First, a large number of matches. While the leading football clubs usually play 2 games per week, basketball players play 3-4 times. If we take into account the presence of different leagues, then the matches are just going on continuously. The NBA matches are played even on New Years. The second important feature is many equally probable events (total, handicap). And this gives good opportunities for a stable income.
It may be difficult for a beginner bettor to immediately figure out how to place bets on basketball matches – there are many nuances here. Read the article and you will get acquainted with different types of bets, applied strategies, pitfalls.

Types of bets in basketball

Betting on outcome
One of the main rates in basketball is gambling on the outcome of the entire game. There is an important feature here – is the additional time of match, overtime taken into account? If this is not directly indicated in the line, it is definitely worth clarifying.

The bets on the outcome may be handicap. This is a very famous type of basketball gambling in this sport, since it has an equal probability of events. The handicap is selected in such a way as to set the same odds for the favorite to win, taking into account the handicap (for example, +7.5) and its reverse variant. The better you may buy a handicap, and the odds will decrease.

Total bets
Basketball total rates are arguably the most popular bets among the players. Here you need to correctly predict whether the total number of points scored by the two teams will be above a given level (TB) or not (TM). This rate is also equally probable. If in soccer there are usually totals at level of 2.5, then in basketball we see completely different indicators: 155, 160, 165. For a match, two teams gain in total from about 120 to 230 points.

Live bets
Live basketball gambling is popular with many experienced players. A quick and adequate reaction to the current change in the situation on the site allows the bettor to make a profitable bet with a high coefficient. Basketball matches have a definite advantage here too. The match lasts four quarters, which means the player has more options.

Even if your gamble did not work in 1 or 2 quarters, you can win back in the end. Another interesting feature is that you may bet not for the whole basketball match, but, for example, for 10 minutes. If the bet is played, you can close this match and move on to other events. No – win by catching up.
In live mode, you can place rates on total, outcome, handicap, odd / even. Different bookmakers offer different markets. Much also depends on the specific basketball match, the line-up can be very different even for two parallel meetings of the same tournament. Often bets on fouls or free throws are available live.

Quarter bets
Bets by quarters provide the player with ample opportunities. They may be used both in normal mode and during matches. The second option is often preferable. After all, you watch the game and see the state of the teams. It often happens that the favorite sways in the first half of the meeting, and makes a spurt in the second.
Quarter gambling often allows you to win back during the match. Perhaps by the middle of the fight it is already clear that your bet has not played for the whole game. Then you can make adjustments along the way. Situations may be very different – for example, a leading player was injured. Or one of the teams very quickly scored a large number of fouls, which means that you can bet on an increase in the number of free throws or increase the total. In general, there are a lot of scenarios that can lead you to success.
Odd and even bets in basketball are a kind of lottery. The probability of winning here is 50%. This means that the bookmaker will never lose.
However, with a certain experience, you can win here too. To do this, you need to analyze the indicators of the first three quarters – how many three-point throws were, how many of them were scored, how often individual players are throwing, whether they have remained in the game. The odds here are always equally probable, so it makes no sense to focus on them – only on the current analysis of the match.

Pay attention to this

The results differ for all of the basketball tournaments, leagues, and individual clubs. The teams are not alike in the manner of play: some attack a lot and gain more points, others score less, but also not concede so much. Statistics helps a lot, a careful study of both the average performance and the previous results of the teams.
It is also important how optimal the lineups are, whether the leading performers have injuries. Teams’ performance often changes during the season, clubs gradually play out and start hitting more. But in the playoffs, on the contrary.
The bettor usually has the opportunity to buy total in one of the sides with a decrease in the coefficient. You can also gamble on separate basketball periods in a match (quarters, halves) or on one team.


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