Why should you bet on these players?

The NBA has held title of strongest basketball league in world for many years. Sportsmens from all over the planet strive to get here to find out their real level. We have compiled a ranking of prominent basketball team members in the world based on results of previous season in the NBA. There are no LeBron James and Stephen Curry, but Grick Frick, most defensive player of year and Jordan’s record-breaking triple-double rival.

Rudy Gobert
Utah Jazz French center had first-class season of his career. Gobert updated his personal records for points (it was 14, now it is 15.9), rebounds (it was 12.8, it is 12.9) and assists (it was 1.5 is now 2) on average in one match, and also became the leader of the Association in terms of the percentage of realized throws (66.9%).
At the end of the season, Gobert entered the First All-Star Defense Team for the 2 time in a row and again won the Defensive participant of the Year award. Frenchman made his initial NBA All-Star Team Three. Gobert’s exploits in their own half of the field did not help Utah to successfully play in the playoffs.Jazzmen lost in opening round to Houston. A good betting option.

Russell Westbrook
Russell leads Association in Triple-Doubles with 34 in 73 games played. Such productivity allowed Russell to conquer a unique achievement for the 3 time in his career a triple-double on average in match (23 points 11.1 rebounds 10.7 assists)
Despite the statistical feats of the point guard, Oklahoma was eliminated in the initial round of the playoffs, losing to Portland. Russell was traded to Houston in the offseason. Do not miss your chance to bet on him.

D’Angelo Russell
Attacking guard D’Angelo Russell was invited to the All-Star Game for the initial time last season. Last season, D’Angelo showed significant progress: he earned the best statistics in his occupation and became main player of the team. Russell came from the Lakers as a talented but insecure young point guard. During his two years at Brooklyn, he became the basketball team leader and led the Nets to the playoffs for the first time since 2014/15.
At the end of the tournament, D’Angelo was nominated for the Most Progressing Player award, but lost to future NBA Toronto champion Pascal Siakam. A successful season did not convince Brooklyn bosses to keep Russell on the squad, and the defender was traded for an injured Kevin Durant at Warriors.

Damian Lillard
Lillard has become a hostage to the Trail Blazers’ location. Portland is a tiny city by US standards, located in the cold northwest of the country. Therefore, NBA stars are not taking into consideration Blazers to pursue a career, preferring rich New York or sunny California. At the same time, to be a successful team in the west of US, you need to show phenomenal basketball. This is what Lillard does.
Last year, Damian led Portland to the conference final for the first time since the 1999/2000 season. The past year has become the most productive in the career of a defender. He set personal records for total marks scored in stated season and playoffs and deservedly entered NBA All-Star Second Team. Unsurprisingly, the Blazers management, without a shadow of a doubt, signed their leader a huge contract worth 196 million.

Why should you try betting on basketball?

Basketball betting can bring serious winnings to bookmaker and you. This particular sport is dynamic and spectacular. It is not surprising that a lot of bettors prefer to bet on basketball. Live betting is mainly popular, since it is in basketball that outcome of a game is variating rapidly, which allows attentive team members to earn considerable amounts of money on such races


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